• … the best long range plan our Chairman had seen in his ten years with the company.

  • pointed us in the direction of breadth and flexibility rather than depth and features. The value of that direction has been borne out over time.

  • rewrote a policy handbook by committee in less than an hour where they had been protesting everything for months previously.

  • We’d tried this internally and with outside consultants - this effort has been an unqualified success.

  • The SchellingPoint approach accomplished in six weeks what normally takes us a year.

  • Using AO on five relationships identified patterns in our own behavior that we need to grow, and prevent others.

Introduction to Alignment Optimization

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Accurate, viable and endorsed plans
using Alignment Optimization software

Execution does not have to be so difficult,
if the underlying plans are genuinely endorsed.

Strategies, Policies, Processes, Innovation, Change Initiatives and Business Relationships.

SchellingPoint's Alignment Optimization (AO) software empowers you to efficiently create plans with the strongest alignment.

Finally…an analytical approach to alignment that yields quantifiable results beyond human limitations.

Use our software as a service, facilitated by your own internal or our partners' consultants.

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